Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Brown Therapist Network?

We are a global community of South Asian therapists and wellbeing professionals who collaborate, grow and challenge Eurocentric Mental Health together.


Who can join Brown Therapist Network?

We are a network for south Asian’s all around the world, whether you are in the diaspora or in south Asia itself. Our network is for all therapists and professionals working within mental health. This includes clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, art and music therapists, counsellors, CBT and EMDR therapists, mental health researchers and more.

We also welcome students either training or studying to work in mental health. This platform is for you if you are interested in mental health from a south Asian perspective.


Why should I join Brown Therapist Network?

By joining the platform, you can be a part of a likeminded community of professionals around the globe. You can collaborate and share your experiences together. You’ll be able to access exclusive courses, workshops and resources that are specific to south Asian mental health.


Can I share my own research or knowledge on here?

Yes! We want everyone to be able to contribute their knowledge in this space and be able to enlighten others. You can share your own knowledge easily here within our groups and if you are not sure if there is a place for it on our platform, email us at and we’ll work together on bringing it to the platform.


I have expert knowledge in a particular field and want to deliver a workshop or class.

We would love this! We love collaborating with experts in their field to deliver insightful workshops and further increase the wealth of knowledge at our members fingertips. If you would like to host a class, workshop, or anything that tickles your fancy, email us at and we can work with you on delivering this.


I teach classes on mental health and would like to use your resources. Are these available in the public domain to use?

Our curated resources are not available for public distribution, but if you would like to use these in a classroom or educational setting publicly, email us and we can assist you with any queries surrounding this.


Why do I need to download Mighty Networks to access you on my phone?

To foster a brilliant community in a virtual setting, we use Mighty Networks to host our platform on. If you would like to use us on the go, download the Mighty Networks app on your apple or android device now and search for our community on there.


Why can’t I access everything for free?

We want to provide you with a high-quality experience on this platform. We can only bring you niche courses and truly give each of our members real value, if we charge for membership. We offer concessions for any students joining our platform.


How much does it cost to be a member?

Our membership platforms start from $35.50 per month for students, $45.99 per month for mental health professionals and free if you just want access to the community. Visit our membership plans page to see our latest offers available.


Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you’re free to cancel your membership at any time. Just sign in, go to your account settings and deactivate your membership to delete your account with us.


I have a complaint about the platform. Who do I contact?

Contact us at and we will endeavour to resolve any complaints as swiftly as possible.